Setting Up Your Affiliate IDs in 4 Easy Steps

This is the most important part of setting up your Prourls links. However, don’t worry, Prourls has made it so easy for you that you just have to set it up for once.

Step 1: Understand Your Audience

If your website receives 99% of its traffic from US and UK, there is no point in going through all the difficulties of setting up your affiliate account in 12 countries. So the first step is to understand your audience and to see which countries deliver the most traffic.

Step 2: Sign Up to Country-Specific Amazon Associates Programs of your Preference

List of countries with dedicated Amazon Storefronts (with link to its Associate Program)

Note: Amazon Associates in India, China, Brazil, Japan and Mexico asks for a bank account within each country. If you are not a resident, you might want to ignore these countries. 

Step 3: Generate your Affiliate IDs

Signing up for Associates Program and generating your affiliate tag is a cake walk. Once you login to our Associates account, you will see instructions which you can follow to set up your first affiliate tag. The procedure is same for Associates Program in all countries.

Step 4: Submitting your Affiliate IDs to Prourls

So far, you have signed up for the Associates programs of the countries you prefer and generated your affiliate IDs. Now go to the Affiliate page in the Prourls dashboard, where you will be asked to enter the affiliate IDs you just generated. Select the countries you prefer and add those respective affiliate IDs. Do not forget to cross-check to avoid any mismatches.


Ta-da! You are ready to go. Generate all the links you want and Prourls will take care of integrating your affiliate IDs accordingly.

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