How to Create Simple and Clean Amazon Affiliate URLs

This post is dedicated to Amazon affiliates who have zero tolerance for imperfection, for they will try and remove as many extraneous characters from a URL as they can. I am one of them. Who doesn’t like clean URLs anyway?

Create Clean Amazon URLs

If you are using services like Prourls or Bitly to shorten your Amazon affiliate links, you will be provided with short and clean URLs by default. But if you are still using direct Amazon links (for reasons unknown to me), the case is otherwise. As I noticed, not many affiliates are very keen about keeping their affiliate links clean. They stick to URLs generated from Amazon (attached with pixels and parameters they do not require) most likely because:

  • They are afraid they’ll accidentally break links.
  • They can’t take chances with affiliate tag and risk losing potential commissions.

Reasonable enough. However, this post will give you the exact solution – a way to generate simple and clean URLs that works just as fine, so that you can use Amazon URLs the way they are meant to be!

Without further explanation, I’ll show you my favorite Amazon URL template:

And here’s how to generate one such link, step by step:

  1. Find the product you want to link to.
  2. Copy it’s product ID from URL, or by simply searching for ‘ASIN’ in the product description.
  3. Replace that product ID with ‘B012AQIEVI’ (of the URL I shared above).
  4. Generate/copy your tracking ID and replace it with ‘affiliatetag-20’.
  5. Use Amazon link checker to ensure that you will earn commissions when people use this link. Please note that it might take up to 5 minutes for newly generated affiliate IDs to be recognized.
  6. Once the link is validated, start sharing it on your website and social media!

Although my favorite one is the URL template above, there are other options as well.

As you can see, all of the above URLs require using ‘?tag’ while the ASIN link I shared above looks simpler without it. I feel URLs are exceptionally clean without special characters in it. If you feel otherwise, go with one of the three templates above. It works just as fine.

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