Amazon Associates FAQ for Beginner Affiliates

Beginner webmasters find affiliate marketing rather confusing compared to alternatives like Google Adsense. While it is primarily because of affiliate companies’ inability to show instant results like an ad network, I suppose it is also because of the aura of sophistication revolving around every affiliate program. For one, there is a plethora of jargons that you haven’t heard before. And you have never sold a product in your entire life; and it keeps you wondering how you are going to start now. But is it as difficult as it sounds? Not at all. This article aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions raised by aspiring Amazon affiliates.

#1 How difficult it is to get into the Amazon Associates Program?

Registration is free and instant; and Amazon Associates program is open to affiliates from all countries.

#2 How many countries have an Amazon Associates Program?

How many countries have an Amazon Associates Program?


Amazon currently has dedicated storefronts for 12 countries. United States, Canada, MexicoUnited Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, India, China and Japan. All of these countries have their own Associates Program. Affiliate Programs in India, China, Brazil, Japan and Mexico however requires you to have a bank account within each country.

If your visitors are from more than one country, you should definitely consider joining all of the above stores. Affiliate marketers have reported up to 40%+ increase in revenue after promoting products internationally. If the idea of visiting all these website every time you generate a link is what’s stopping you, try Prourls. Not only does it help you generate links to all countries in one click, it automatically redirects visitors to their own country-specific storefronts.

#3 How much commission do I earn per sale?

4 to 10%, depending on many factors. Amazon Associate program’s advertising fee vary according to the category and the number of products you sold. Certain product categories have fixed commission rates, as you can see below.

How much commission do I earn for per sale?

Categories excluding those mentioned above follows a volume-based commission rate. The more you sell, the higher the rates. Sounds interesting? You might find my previous blog post helpful as it talks about using this very same feature to your advantage.

Amazon Associates Volume-Based Advertising Fee Rates

Please note that volume-based commission rates resets at the beginning of every month.

#4 How will I be paid? offers 3 payment methods: Amazon gift cards, Direct deposit and Check payment. However, payment methods vary according to country-specific stores. For example, Amazon India only supports direct deposits (NEFT), which, like I mentioned above, makes it mandatory that you have an Indian bank account to earn commission from them.

Amazon Payment Methods

Payments are Net-60. The commissions you earned in the month of January will be paid by late March. Non-US residents who opted for check payment will then have to wait for another few weeks for the check to reach them and cash it. There is a not-so-known solution to fix this though.

  1. Create an account with Payoneer. Payoneer helps us receive funds from companies worldwide. They provide us with a US bank account information, which we can use to receive payments.
  2. Choose ‘Direct Deposit’ payment method on Amazon. Go to Payoneer’s US Payment Service page and use the bank details provided there to fill Amazon’s form.
  3. Voila! Starting next month, you’ll receive payments right into your Payoneer account within 1-2 days. You can then make use of Payoneer Mastercard, or withdraw the amount directly to your bank account.

#5 Why do I earn commissions for products I didn’t promote?

The best thing about Amazon – you’ll be selling things you didn’t promote. Thanks to Amazon cookies, you earn commission for all the purchases they make within 24 hours of their arrival. In most cases, people make purchases for products other than the ones you send them for.

#6 How do Amazon cookies work?

You earn advertising fees for every visitor you refer to amazon who add a qualifying product to their shopping cart within 24 hours of their arrival. If they fail to purchase or add to their shopping cart in this 24 hour window, you will not earn commission from that visitor on any subsequent purchases. Once the product is added to the cart, there is an additional 89 day window before the cart expires. You will earn the commission if the visitor completes the purchase within this time frame.

Keep in mind that Amazon won’t pay you until the visitor has purchased an item, accepted the delivery and made full payment to Amazon.

#7 Can I use Amazon Affiliate links and Google Ads on the same page?

Yes. It is no secret that Google Adsense forbids publishers from using other contextual advertising networks on the same page. However, Amazon Associates is not a contextual ad network and is in perfect compliance with the Google ads.

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