5 Reasons Why Amazon Associates is the Best Alternative to Google Adsense

Beginner webmasters find affiliate marketing rather confusing compared to other monetization strategies like Google Adsense. While it is primarily because of affiliate companies’ inability to show instant results like an ad network, we know for a fact that selling something takes a lot more than earning ad views. But guess what – it is always worth the extra effort. This article will tell you why.

5 Reasons Why Amazon Associates is the Best Alternative to Google Adsense

1. Unlike Adsense, Getting Banned from Amazon Affiliate Takes Real Effort

“We’ve determined that your Adsense account poses a risk of generating invalid activity. We have disabled your Adsense account.” – Easily the biggest nightmare of every Adsense publisher.

I’m not saying it’s impossible; I have a friend who achieved that status with a little bit of mischief. Until then, I thought there is no such thing as getting banned from Amazon Associates program. What he did was to set up a bot for Twitter to automatically grab every product-related tweet and reply with a relevant product link. Sounds quite impressive, huh? Only for a little while, though. He shortly received an email from Amazon, and that officially marked an end to his little experiment. So unless you have something like that in mind, you’re good to go!

2. Monetize Across Multiple Mediums

Sure, you can place Google ads all over your website (or anyone’s website, for that matter). But can you place it on an email you send out to your subscribers? Or can you send a banner ad to your friend via facebook chat? I know all of these sounds rather naive – but not so much when you realize all of this and much more is possible when it comes to promoting Amazon products. Be it inside an email you send out to your subscribers, or inside the description of your Youtube video, all you have to do is to share your affiliate link, and you may do it however as you please.

While we are on the subject of sharing links, ProURLs is a free tool for Amazon affiliates to create intelligent affiliate links that help monetize visitors from all countries. See what I did there? 😉

3. Higher Conversions, Unobtrusive Nonetheless

Banner ads can be intrusive. Rising number of people using ad blockers prove this point. Amazon, on the other hand, is relatively unobtrusive and demands very less real estate on your website. Placing a couple of links or a button inside your content looks light-years neater than a banner ad. Moreover, natural looking links attract more clicks and convert more often than traditional ad units.

4. Amazon Associates Program is not a Zero-Sum Game

It is no secret that Adsense strictly forbids publishers from using a different contextual ad network together with their ad units. They like to keep the ad spaces to themselves.

Amazon has no such issues. You can promote a Clickbank product or place any kind of banner ads on the very same page you promote an Amazon product. In fact, Amazon Affiliate Program + Google Adsense could be the best of combinations for a content-rich page.

5. You Can Start Today

Yes, this means you don’t have to read another ‘Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time’ email ever again!

Amazon Associates program is open to all, no matter what country you are from or how much traffic your website generates. The only thing that matters is you have enough quality visitors that might actually buy some products from Amazon, and your job ends when you drop them there.

What is your biggest reason to use Amazon Associates? Let the world know using the comments below.

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