16 Amazon Affiliate One Liners (Increase Your Amazon Earnings Instantly)

Amazon Associates is relatively simple and straightforward, but to start making money out of it, the case is otherwise. For an amateur affiliate with no prior experience, it demands a lot of hands-on experience (and money) before it can start showing some results. This can be even harder if you are doing something fundamentally wrong.

In this article, I’m going to share 16 most important factors an Amazon affiliate should keep in mind. I’ll try to keep it precise and straightforward.

16 Amazon Affiliates One-Liners - Increase Amazon Earnings


16 One-Liners for Amazon Affiliates

  1. Concentrate your traffic by focusing on buying keywords. Save your ‘product guide’ for later – it rarely converts. Make top lists, comparisons, top deals pages, and product reviews.
  2. The new Native Shopping Ads is surprisingly good. Native shopping ads seems to be the real deal among the 2 latest introductions from Amazon Associates (the other being ‘CPM ads’). Not only does it return relevant product suggestions for my niche website, it actually converts higher. Highly recommended for websites with long content.
  3. Always link your images to affiliate links. People tend to click on images more. Spencer said it correctly.
  4. Make sure you focus on mid-range products. Not too cheap because cheap products + low commissions account for nothing. Not too expensive because Amazon has set a cap of $25 commission per sale on selected categories. I have covered this topic extensively in my previous article (and shared a few tips you might like).
  5. At the risk of sounding self-contradictory, I think you should also sell large quantities of cheap products. Now, this is important. Amazon follows a volume-based commission rate that favour the ones who sell more. Make sure you belong to the highest possible commission tier before the month ends.
  6. Start your article with a contextual link to Amazon for better conversions. E.g., If your blog lists ‘top 5 inspirational books’, start your article with a sentence that mentions “our #1 pick on Amazon” that links to Amazon. This method will marginally increase your conversions.
  7. Another conversion hack: Hesitate to reveal product price on your website and add call-to-action buttons that say ‘Check Prices.’
  8. Start serving visitors from all countries. Don’t tell me 100% of your visitors are from the United States. What about all the missing traffic? As I mentioned in the Amazon Affiliates FAQ for beginners, Amazon has dedicated storefronts in 12 countries, and you could sign up for an associates account in all of them (except some countries that want you to have a local bank account).
  9. Wondering how to monetize international traffic? The answer is Amazon Link Localizers. By the way, you are reading this from the official blog of one such service. ProURLs is simple, free and is used by top YouTubers and review websites (think I would waste a chance to brag? 😉 )
  10. Optimize design to make it look trustworthy. I agree with Darren Rowse on this one. Loyalty and trust convert. The only way someone is going to take your word for it is if 1) you wrote exceptionally great content, or 2) your website/Youtube channel looks like an authority on the subject.
  11. Keep holidays in mind. No matter whether you are selling headphones or a bunch of health supplements, your sales are going to double by the time of Christmas. Don’t be ashamed of pushing your links more desperately at this time.
  12. Pre-orders sell crazily. Although not very often, Amazon creates pages for upcoming product releases and this is your best chance of driving additional sales.
  13. Track your audience and promote accordingly. Hate to admit, but Amazon Associates is not the best of affiliate networks when it comes to displaying stats. You can tackle this issue by using free third party services like ProURLs which will also help you generate attractive short URLs. The Amazing Plan takes a leap and helps you integrate Google Analytics and much more. If you are making a killing on Amazon already, I don’t see why you shouldn’t try this.
  14. Try Amazon CPM ads. Amazon recently introduced a CPM based model. Although I did not find it particularly effective, I think it’s worth a shot.
  15. Use tables and comparison charts. Adding one such just before your long article will convert 2x more.
  16. Spamming your affiliate links should be the last thing you do. Do not use public forums and twitter mentions as a platform to promote products. It might work for a period of time, but it’s a rare chance that you’ll go unnoticed. Amazon will find you and kill, sorry, ban you. 😉

That’s it for now. However, I have a feeling I’ll have more tips to update this list very soon. If you thought this article was helpful, make sure you bookmark so that you can come back later.

Should you feel I should’ve explained any point a bit more, please feel free to drop a comment below. I’ll be more than glad to elaborate. Also, tell us if you are the who knows the #17th one-liner!

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